Server transfer bug "you can't activate buy/sell orders before transferring" even though I've taken all my buy/sell orders

  • What is your character name in New World: LATALY
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: AP-Southeast Eridu
  • Describe the issues you are experiencing:
    server transfer bug “you can’t activate buy/sell orders before transferring” even though I’ve taken all my buy/sell orders

same problem here its been a long time now it feels so sad.

I’m curious as to the cause. It is most likely an orphaned result in the database for not properly closing out the request when cancelling the orders. Ideally they’d want to find out what item(s) isn’t properly closing out if there are specific ones doing this.

Got the exact same problem. Were you guys able to get it resolved?


Hello. Any update on when this “Active Order” server transfer bug will get fixed? Many are experiencing the same problem and it seems to persist.

I tried to put back all the things I ever sold, then I took it back and I was able to transfer my server

If you haven’t yet, please put that information down on this thread: [Megathread] Inability to Transfer Servers

There is a team going through to look at each individual case.

There is a simple fix that works 95% of people. I let support and Community Managers know yesterday but they haven’t put the word out yet.

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Thank you. I will post there now.

I have tried this method, but didn’t work for me. My hypothesis is that the longer duration buy/sell orders(7,14days) that I have cancelled aren’t being cleared in the system properly, meaning you can’t see the order, but the information is still in the register for the remaining duration.

So what I’ve done is put up 100 active orders for 24h duration and cancelled all of them. This theoretically should clear the data registry after 24h+ and enable transfer.

Lets see if this method works. I will report back.

i had this same problem. i got to transfer a day ago to valhalla I am happy now.

what did you do to fix it?

I reached out to the live chat like some others have and after about 2-3 days we were able to transfer from our old server to the new one. Myself and two other guildies were stuck while the rest of the guild was on the new server.

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