Server Transfer BUG!

Good evening all.

I’ve just tried to use the server transfer token, but as I confirm my Transfter it complains that I cannot have any active trading post Buy/Sell Orders.
I do not have ANY sell/buy order, nor I belong to a company.

Please help me, I wanna head out with my friends after a whole month

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Hello @SANTO_REN !

We have identified some issues regarding trading post. One that was introduced with our patch was players not receiving gold/items from completed sell/buy orders on the trading post while offline. We are currently testing a fix for this and will be deploying it as soon as we are confident. Players who encounter this issue WILL receive their missing gold/items when the fix goes live. At this time, this may block you from transferring servers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Thanks. Same issue here.
character: foxeron
World: royollo

Any chance this gets pushed tonight?

Hi @foxeron !

We have a patch coming soon. Sadly we don’t have any confirmation of the fixes coming in this patch. :c

Soon or soon™?

I just wanna know if i’ll be able to transfer today or tomorrow. Or if i will be eventually able.

ohh god please let me transfer. ive been waiting so long i just wanna play with my friends


Also have this issue

Character: Bomah
Server: US East, Morro

same just wana get off this dead server

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