Server Transfer: Character_Persist_Failure

Oh thats unfortunate. Sorry dude thats awful.

Character name: PBandJelly
Original Server: Hellopia
Destination Server: Caeno

Character name: Laddy
Original Server: Chicomoztoc
Destination Server: Valhalla

Character name: Maclaggs
Original Server: Barataria
Destination Server: Orun

Character Name: Deftcorse
Original Server: Zara
Destination Server: Acherusia

Character Name: Arishawke
Original Server: Barataria
Destination Server: Lukomorye

Daaaaang. Feels bad man, that will be ETA of about 2 weeks-1 month. Might wanna play something else for a while lul

Fixed for me randomly. I do not know how, I did not do anything at all. But now I can use the trading post and logging in and out does not reset me.

Jealous af

Gon try rn. Restarting the game fully, no update just in case.

Character Name: Stvol
Original Server: Idavoll
Destination Server: Barsoom

Did you do anything that you think may have led to it fixing itself?

It has been over 2m that I have not been kicked yet. I made some inventory changes and I am going to attempt to restart again from desktop.

So far I am not reverted back for about 4 min.

Trading post is not causing me to bug out but it’s endlessly spinning still.

Getting kicked doesn’t seem to matter. Exit and enter the game.

Character name: Controllermmogod
Transfer from: Ohonoo
Transfer to: Folkvangr

I’ve done that successfully so far. No progress reverted.

I still have an issue of not being able to use trading post.
Just received 0.01 coin back for failing to post an item on trading post.

Character name: WinterAurelius
Original Server: Royllo (NAE)
Destination Server: Chinvat (NAE)

nothing at all

I posted an item and can see it on the trading post, and I was able to trade with a player.

tried the method where u make a character in your old server. so far its working. it only crashed 1 time but no rollback when i logged back in. 30mins in now, no crash so far.