Server Transfer: Character_Persist_Failure

Lucky you @ben1 .

I did make a new character on my old server, I did not know that was a “fix” that people have tried, I just did that to shitpost in the faction chat. I didn’t do anything on that char though, I don’t think that fixes anything.

Is the trading post working for you?

it just started working fine here like i didn ot other then my post in here outta frustration, we will see how long it stay fine

RIP, reverted me AAAALLL the way back. If this is only going to be fixed by next week I am dipping out, this is just unplayable.

i mean it worked for me! sooo…

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imma just create a new character and kill time for a while. I will keep an eye on the post.

Hey all - a quick update:

We are also aware of a small number of players who upon transferring become unable to save their progress on their new server. We’re working to address this for those affected, which we believe we can accomplish with data changes not requiring a patch. We will update when we’ve corrected the problem.


just tried it and yep! there is still an issue. my side was i tried to put up something to sell, after clicking the sell order it just keeps loading. closed it and checked the my sell order tab and the item is not there. tried it twice. tried to relog, checked, still not there. so yeah, although i did not have the crash issues and rollback issues, theres still an issue with trading post in my end.


okay perfect thank you, was so hyped to play with friends and now i cant cause i cant progress an save it.

Dear Tosch,

with this Character_Persist_Failure issue. Any player can trade items / gold to others and have it duplicated. It stays in that other player’s inventory while we get rolled back and receive everything back. I think you should know as this is game breaking. I tested by sending 69 gold to my company friend and it stayed in his inventory when I received the Character_Persist_Failure while it returned to mine when I relogged.

Quoting myself from a different topic:


Will there be some sort of compensation for this issue?

I spent 4 hours working on my 580 weapon quests and had all progress rolled back due to the bug, very defeating but it is what it is.

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thats what im wondering too cause i lost about 2/3 hours of progress and its killing my vibe lmao

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Character name: Ceallach97
Original Server: Nexdorea
Destination Server: Canis

Hey Tosch,

I know it would be impossible to put an ETA on something like this, but do you have any sort of timeline for the fix? It’s 8:30pm here in Australia, can we expect a fix tonight or should we not bother until tomorrow?

Thank you. Hope it gets fixed soon…
Here’s my info just in case.

Character: Larana
Original Server: Tritonis
Destination Server: Bouneima

Please close the servers and rollback asap. People are using this to DUPE GOLD already. Not going into detail how so it wont spread more but please DO SOMETHING ASAP.

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Any update on the topic?

Thank you.

Character name: Kruuexe
Original server: Aeaea
Destination server: Valhalla