Server Transfer: Character_Persist_Failure

Same issue:

Character name: Trqo
Original server: Izar
Destination server: Niflheim

I too, am getting the character persistent failure. I can list nothing for sale. All progress reverts back to the point where I transferred servers.

Name: Adara Boudicca
Original server: Glubdubdrib
New server: Folkvanger

The same mistake image

Name : Beatriceee
Original server : Sitara
Destination Server : Eden

Same issue

Same problem here,

Here’s my info just in case

Character name: Amrie
Old server: Ydalir
New Server: TumTum

Thank you TrevzorFTW! Having the same issue, hopefully we’ll get a sorry package in-game, maybe some GOLD because everyone is broke as fu too lol

My information in-game.

Character name: Lord DaZ
Original Server: Sitara
Destination Server: Pluto

Much appreciated team!

@TrevzorFTW / @Tosch

Please advise as to whether this is effecting all character transfers or case by case, and if it would be better to hold off on transferring until there’s an update here regarding fix, as i am wanting to move over and have completed the prep (leave company, remove tp orders etc) however not if it means i have a high chance of not being able to continue thereafter.

SERVERS NEEDS TO BE CLOSED ASAP AND ROLLED BACK. People are using this to DUPE gold as we speak.

edit. I’m not going into detail how they dupe but I will PM a GM here if you don’t already know how it is currently.

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I agree servers need to be shut down. Stop sleeping on this and fix your game. This is such a meme. Still can’t play the game. Still have missing items that were robbed from me by garbage coders

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I did not know this was a thread else I would’ve posted here. I am having this issue aswell, I did two of my quests for my 580 hammer. I did two of them which where almost 2 hours for me, now I can’t even play the damn game cause nothing will stay and or save.

Name: Verification
Old World: Karpathenburg
New: Bouneima

(post deleted by author)

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Still not one reply to ticket, nore either post i made on two forums for this topic.

I couldn’t trade, and when I loggged back in this morning I had been reset back to where I was when I first transfered.

Name: Vanthor
Original server: Xibalba
New server: Oponskoye

I’m hoping those of us who were legitimately trying to trade our items and gold after a transfer - and failing multiple times, will not be accused of 'exploiting ’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FWIW - it doesn’t always duplicate - as I had a friend trying to trade me money items - and 9k+ of gold ended up disappearing after being traded to me, showing up in my inventory, and then me ‘reverting’

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Hello!?!?!?! AGS wake up

seriously , im getting mad annoyed at this point. they worrying about banning people and they already have a ton of people that cant even play right now.

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My information in game.

Character name: Utsubyou
Original Server: Emain Albach
Destination Server: Silha

I just sent private messages to GM’s here detailing how they are duping gold atm in game. For obvious reasons I won’t be posting details here. Lets see if anything happens.

i cant play the game man come on talk to us update something wtf is going on with this character persist bs fix today pls

relax, im sure they will give us an update soon