Server transfer come on

Why is it that all the servers are locked for server transfers We are a small grp of players who wanted to go to Fea today on payday. now that one is locked as well. we are grp of players who are spilt up all over… and why can’t we get into ion this I really like a DEV set some focus of this. It’s kinda sad most os are just going to wait to mid oct to play or just stop playing, playing alone just blows when u have RL friends u also wanna play with

An explanation from another thread.

Thanks sir

I mean, I have a sneaking suspicion that the whole server situation around Brimstone release is going to be a dumpster fire. . .

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They are one way trips

Keep in mind… There may be a (minor? major?) possible exodus of people to the Fresh Start servers when they drop so people can experience the new sensation again which will, in turn, lower queues on their respective servers.

Of course… that doesn’t account for the possible deluge of returning players that want to retry the game.

New server - Asgard openes tomorrow :slight_smile:

Asgard isn’t a server… it’s a people!

True, maybe the fire will be on the fresh starts :wink:

I love New World.

I am really sad that our friends is all over and wanna play togetter and we was thinking to move today but all is locked :confused:

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