[Server Transfer] Company Migration

Hello Amazon Games,

Once you’re going to implement the server transfer option, please allow it so that once the company governor does that, it prompts the current company members an offer of transfer.

Equally important, the company should be transferred with the governor to preserve the name & company funds, otherwise that will be a huge issue for organised movement.

Thank you for reading my feedback.


Could be a thing. Might be a good idea.

In the meantime:
Set daily withdrawel to infinite, take out all money, disband company fully, everybody transfers, remake company with same name on new server, invite everybody, deposit all withdrawn money that transfered with your character, and pretend you didn’t just go through a whole process.

Indeed, the workaround could do in the short-term. Although I still think that the transfer process should at least be as smooth as possible to allow for the best experience possible - after all, the server transfer is meant to be kind of a solution to a solid part of the queue problem.

Does the company disband if the governor transfers?

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