Server Transfer Delay

So the weekend has been and gone…
Server transfers were stalled because of the weekend and Amazon not wanting to disrupt the server’s stability.

in my mind i thought we would have seen or at least heard something as soon as it passed considering the staggering amount of people waiting on this…
for some of us it’s Tuesday and that’s already leaving very little time for them to launch the server transfers and fix them inevitably before the cycle begins again…

i do understand they’re most likely going to roll it out with maintenance on Wednesday (for me atleast) but hell some transparent information shared to the player base might help…


dude its not tuesday (patch day)

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its like…4:20am go to bed, wait until their patch time (probably in a few hours) don’t rush perfection, thats how you wind up with swtor bugs.

its 4:30 pm tuesday afternoon for me thanks. rush perfection ? lol it’s just thing’s like this that show you exactly how much research they’ve put into the genre.

but all that aside, all im asking for is some information… keep us up to date. not waiting in the dark.

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They’ve updated the OP on the following thread with the promised FAQ, in case you missed it. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer now.

Wait for an update then bud. They said tuesday. They run on american time.

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Where did they say tuesday exactly?

it was in a post in another thread that they would have more information next patch day. which is a tuesday.

Wasn’t patch day a Wednesday (around midday EU time) last week? Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought that’s when it was.

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It is on Wednesday :smiley:


EU time is wednesday. Tuesday north american. New World Update 1.0.2

OCTOBER 12, 2021



October 12 was a tuesday


Yall are like 12 hours ahead, if not more, than AGS time

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Thanks guys. Timezones make my brain hurt lol.

Update 1.0.2 was on the 13 of October at 3 AM PT (American Time) or are we reading two different posts?
But hey, if it comes earlier im more than happy, got 2 friends that stopped playing because they are waiting for server transfers.

I think you expect to much from amazon as i used to do when i bought the game.


New World Update 1.0.2 - News | New World 3am. basically tuesday

im not even going to rise to this comment bro. im just going to say its 2021. bless online had a better core than new world hahaha.

it is now so what other excuse do you have for this very small indy company

You want them to release something that doesnt work so you can complain about more bugs? Briliant

Lmao perfection.

Get real.

And Tuesday of which month? Because it has come and gone and no news. Forget the actual transfer. Where is the news?

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