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Hello, my company moves to another server, my problem is that i have no transfer tokken. Some were on forum was topic that there will be additional tokken to transfer but clear ifomation about that i cant find. Can you tell me if it True about additional tokken when i be able to use it? And if it not True can you help me to move another server with my friends.?

Hello FireHAwK!

As you know, we released server transfer tokens to all of our existing players on October 20th, 2021. This was intended to be a one-time grant to players who had active accounts at the time, although we did include issuing to new characters so players could make decisions with them as well.

Since then most players who intend to have transferred and it’s become clear some players were creating new characters as mules to harvest nodes on less populated worlds before transferring to their main world. We have therefore turned off server transfer tokens for new players on November 22nd, but left existing tokens valid.

In the future players will be able to purchase server transfer tokens, but we don’t have an estimated time yet on when will this option be available.

I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.:star:

not good enough turn them back on

Tnx for reply

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As a reminder, this is a multi-step process for some sets and we plan to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022. We’ll continue taking feedback on these server merges and are currently planning to release a second round of transfer tokens in early 2022. This may change depending on the feedback and data we recieve. How about this? [Dev Blog] Server Merges: What Comes Next? full topic.

Hello @FireHAwK,

We understand as I can confirm this is still a work under progress rest assure the DEV will address this issue soon we just have to wait for them.

Also we do understand how important this is and will also send feedback for them so that they are aware of the concerns.

I hope this information helps!


Tnx for reply, i understand, but it dont help.

if you’re so concerned about the economy that you’ve started dumping gold out of thin air for city owners? You marry servers without a choice, who does not want this marriage! You must give a transfer after the marriage of the servers.
Broken economy after dumping free gold from property tax. City owners now have about x20 times what they should have.

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So the problem is not even with taxes,
Top tags with 400+ members fast buy winsward & everfall & start making money.
And from the start they Just hard boosted top gear, top trade skill gear, top totem, easy to get couse they dont care about price & farming gold. In one Day they can buy all trade post Just for fun becouse they can!
You even cant daclare war to them couse of what you can do 50+ People agains 300+

Im not complain! I dont have pvp content not just becouse of dev team but mostly becouse players dont whant it & they abuse all of the options game giving!

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