Server transfer in the same world set?

Is it possible to change your character to a new server within the same world set when they release transfers? Many of my company-friends chose another server in the same world set as me. I read something about that you cant change to another world set with a character already in that world set. But if i just have one character and choose a server within my world set, will it work?

Yes, you can join your friends if it comes avaiable. You change within the same set, so there is not other char of yours in that set to block the transfer.

Alright. And you are sure about that? No answers regarding this of the devs.

Yes, you can find al the info here and here.

AS lonmg as you stay in the same world set, where you can only have 1 character, you will be able to change server in that worldset. You will be blocked if you want to get 2 characters in the same worldset (even on different servers).

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