Server Transfer Question for one of the rules

  • You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.

The way I read makes me curious. If I have a character in Word A of a NA West world set. I want to move to World B within that same World Set. Can I do that? I feel like I can because I think the intent of this bullet is saying. If I already have a character in NA West World set 1, and a character in NA East World set 2… my NA East couldn’t come to NA West but my NA West could move to another NA West world?

To clarify. I have a character in a World set the same as all my friends. But I had to pick a different server because theirs was locked down… so I made it in the same world set hoping I could transfer to them once this releases. Should I have created on a whole different World set and now I might have to restart?

Am facing the same problem kinda. I was told by online support today that it was not gonna be possible to move from one world set to another, but the forum post doesnt mention world set locks, only region locks?


If you guys heck the post, you will find this: You can move your character to any world in your region, that means you can move to a different world, from the same region/server. You cannot move for example to NA east to NA west, because those are different regions.

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still doesnt mention different world sets though?

the reputation points to distribute them depend on the regions during our progression.

the transfer to server may change the interest of the regions

Will we be able to redistribute reputation points on our new server?

late in the progression I learned that some bonuses have a decreasing level and others do not, so I would like to take advantage of the server to redo my choice of reputation bonuses


Guys, if you have more questions related of this, please go to this post:

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There you guys can ask your question regarding of that specific situation.

You can’t. Same with character creation, can’t on same world set.

all I can seem to get is a copy paste of the text I asked explained xD

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