Server Transfer request (AP Southeast)

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  • What server/world did you experience your issue on:
    Lemuria - AP Southeast

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
    Server token was used to play with friends, new server is losing population drastically and friends have moved to Lerma, unable to follow due to no server tokens.

*Detail response:
As part of your announcement 2 weeks ago I took the opportunity to transfer servers from Khmum to Lemuria to play with friends (around 8 of them), this has been quite enjoyable, however naturally Lemuria has since had low population numbers and subsequently my friends and as well as others publicly have communicated that they will be leaving this server via transfers to ensure they can be part of a larger population server. This is planned ahead of potential server mergers that was rumoured by the AGS team last week. This puts me in a Dilemma as I have already used my sever transfer token and now as a result will continue to experience new world in a server that is barely containing more then 385 players at peak AP-Southeast window (7-12pm) as well as without the group of friends who I wish to continue playing with. I am raising this post to get more information on server mergers roadmap and plan for which servers will be merged (in the hopes mine merges with Lerna) and/or understanding if there will be additional server tokens provided or available for purchase via the store.

Many Thanks,

Hello Dimachara3rus, currently server merge is in the horizon as Kay said in his post, we dont have yet any ETA or additional info on it thou, when server merges will be implemented we will post about it in the news section of the forums.

In regards of server transfer tokens, our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free.

Short answer:

Once you have used your free token, there is nothing they can do about it.
We have to wait for another free token or availablity to purchase one.
Amazon still didn’t make a decision on this meaning another token might not even come or be purchaseable.

i hope when they see this feedbacks they start thinking about atleast making transfers purchaseable since a lot of us messed those hard.

The response is appreciate but it is not a great one for those in the situation of the original poster here.

they are stuck on a dead server, without their friends. And even if a server merge does happen to bring their server to a higher population, they will still be stuck away from their friends.

I implore you to raise this as a serious concern with the devs. Maybe it is worth adding an additional restriction? one where they can only transfer to a server that has one or more of their friends on it, (above a certain level to avoid cheesing the rules)
Either way. Something needs to happen soon because there are a lot of orphaned players out there, and merges won’t cut it even when they do arrive


Thanks… I figured this was the response and understand there are a few things in motion. I guess ill have to just bide my time as you have called out. But it is likely that this will reduce my online activity until I reunite with my friends if that ever becomes an option.


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