Server Transfer Request

Can you please move my character, “TheRedLady” from the EU Central server “Murias” and place it in another EU Central Server called “Kantia”? These Worlds are both in the same World set so I don’t see why this should be an issue. I have been unable to play the game I paid for, for 2 days now. If i log out or have a crash I may as well not even try to log back in. I hope you take this request seriously as I am so close to forcing a refund, I love the game so much but the queues are disgusting!

They cannot do that.
Server migration is coming they said, more information in the coming days.

Before they launch it you are stuck where you are.

Shame that so many people will be filing refunds now because of this…

Just tried a good close estimate and theres about £6.5 million worth of players not able to play in EU ALONE!!

well 3rd day for me trying to get online on EU im sat currently with no queue on screen as but when you view worlds the server is maxed out

yeah just made a new toon on another EU low pop server, straight in…

Transfer is coming somewhere in the 2nd week. So we’re still 1½ week away. IMO that should be extradited ASAP, prio #1. 2 weeks is too far away.

Barely anyone is rerolling on the new server, because they already have made a decent chunk of progress and/or invested gold in a territory.

well i created a new toon on a med server. there are no low servers guess what cant join as its now over aa 1000, what the point in trying

2 weeks they won’t need that, players will be gone…

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