Server Transfer Still Bugged

Hi There,

All of my friends I play with transferred off a dying server a few days ago and I am the only one who’s getting the “Can’t Transfer with Active Trading Post Orders” bug so I’m stuck here on a server overencumbered with everything I took off the trading post, and an awkward situation after leaving my previous company.

I’ve seen this in a number of Reddit and forum posts with no real response or guidelines on what to do next. I created a ticket, I’ve reached out to Support, the only response I get is “The devs are working on it”.

What are they working on? What is the timeline?

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ya, not sure they care

Hello folks!

Our team have been working hard on fixing this issue. At this point the issue should be fixed!

You can find more information in the following thread:

If issue persist please let me know! Thank you.

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