Server transfer to Fae already closed?

So me and some friends decided 2 days ago to transfer to a new server as Barri was really full + a friend who didnt play for some time couldnt transfer to Barri anymore. So we moved there and everything was fine but yesterday some old guildmembers wanted to move to Fae aswell and the Character server transfer is already disabled? This server has been up for 3 days right now and your already deciding to lock up a server for old friends/new people to play together?

It really sucks because we only had 1 free server transfer token available and used to go to Fae. If we had another token i would have moved to the latest new server but we dont want to pay 13 euros to just transfer again.

Is there any ETA when Fae is going to be available again for server transfers?

This is a joy killer for sure

Deja vu

Its automated process.

Every server was closed to make people go to the even newer server. Fae will likely be opened up again soon.

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