Server Transfer Token - Never used but not available

I have not yet server transferred, and a few on my server have (allegedly) been able to start transferring using the free coin as of yesterday. Nothing shows up in my world transfer section of the store, and Ive been told I should have one. I tried to use the AGS support chat, and its been stuck at est. 1 min for hours.

Anyone know what the issue might be?

Hello @Itiotbox

Hope you are doing well.

I understand your concern regarding the world transfer. The free transfer tokens were issued to the existing players who had active accounts from October 20th to November 21st. And this was turned off for new players on November 22nd.

Can you please confirm if your account was active during the mentioned time period? If yes and you have never used your free transfer token, I would request you to please perform basic troubleshooting step to see if it resolves the issue-

If your account was not active during the mentioned time period then I would request you to please wait for the official news from the Dev team on the next wave of providing the transfer tokens.

Looking forward to your response.


welcome to the waiting squad.

6 weeks later and still stuck… qq

I can only repeat myself… why using an outdated server structure and then providing only ONE token?! (or none if you didnt log in during a mentioned time period?!) WTF?! Holidays, be away for a construction job, no time to log in et cetera?! Who is having those ideas here? :rofl:

I performed the integrity of game files check, and verified I was active during the time period. I still have no coin. Can I please be awarded my coin?

@PeaceMakerr ^^^

Thank you for your response & for trying the previously mentioned troubleshooting step @Itiotbox

To further escalate this, I would request you to please contact our live mediums so that they can create a ticket to the Dev team & help you with a resolution.

You can contact our live mediums by following the below link:

I hope this helps!

Have a great day & take care.

@PeaceMakerr Doesnt work. Ive tried 2 different PC’s, mobile, cleared cashe, everything. I have even submitted a web ticket, no response. Web chat never opens. Can anyone do anything?

Hello @Itiotbox,

Can you please provide me your case ID for your web ticket so I can check from my end?


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