Server Transfer Tokens Again?

Is there any estimate on when server transfer tokens will be available again? I wasn’t able to get one the first time. So, I’m not able to play with my friends.

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they posted about this just this week

Hello hothead123 welcome to our New World Forum!

I am sorry for this inconvenience but we don’t have an estimated date on when will the transfer tokens be available again, i do recommend you to stay tuned for any new news here on the official forum. :star:

Yes. I saw this. That’s why I asked if there was an estimated date, not a generalquarter for the year they would implement them again. I appreciate the help. It’s just not what I asked for.

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I appreciate the speedy response. Would it also be posted to the Twitter around the same time as here in the forums? I ask because I usually monitor Twitter more than forums.

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Hello @hothead123! How’s eveything going?

Unfortunately, that information is unavailable for us. However, you may wait for any token transfer official announcement in Twitter if it is your favorite media.

Any of our communication channels are very trusty! :grinning:

Hope I can hear from you soon!

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