Server transfer = Unbalanced factions

Server transfers are coming which is great, but what are the plans to stop people from simply transferring to escape unbalanced factions with low populations?

Example -Mauraders control 50%, Syndicate 35% Covenant 15%… Covenant can simply scout a new sever and switch to get away which will create more imbalance.

If you won’t allow them to join the controlling faction after switching then the transfer to play with friends becomes moot.

Long term what are the plans to incentivize players to join a losing faction? Should address this sooner rather than later as this will discourage people from playing long term if their faction cannot keep control of territory.

Some options- Increase exp gain, gathering, stats, damage for faction controlling the least? Any of these could help. Or consider blocking the ability to take 100% of any factions territory…. They must maintain at least one? Not sure but there needs to be something in place or servers will inevitably become unbalanced and too frustrating to play on.

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I’ll happily switch to a server where covenant isn’t forced into a tiny corner of the map and will never expand. People have the right to have fun.

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It is going to happen. My server is 70% purple, 20% Green and 10% yellow. When transfers happen i fully expect the majority of green and yellow companies to move. The end result will be the original server now at 90%+ purple and the new servers potentially imbalanced from the consolidation of green and yellow companies all moving to them.

I wouldn’t do it by control. If the factions are roughly even population wise and one of them is dominating, well that is a l2p issue in my opinion. Rather i would give bonuses to the smaller factions if the % of active players in the last X timeframe from that faction is under 20-25%.

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