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I don’t care about the whole region thing, it sounds reasonable. But Server Transfer when? It’s already END OF THE WEEK!

True, although I think it was clear when things were playing out in launch week that it would be a bit before the transfers came along, and it seemed, to me at least, that by the time the transfers did become available they would be less needed due to the extreme pressure of the launch rush being over with. The lack of content for PvE players at 60 is real and not much to do about that right now. Best case for AGS is for people to come back when there’s more to do at cap.

Don’t put in a single minute of work off the clock my dude. You already deserve more than whatever Amazon is paying you.

Glad you’re doing well


I don’t see how this isn’t transparently about server transfers. They told us on an official account that we could switch regions, and then they backpedaled. We SHOULD be pissed. I made plans around being able to switch regions like they said, and now we can’t.

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Week ends on Sunday tho, so they have at least till then.

You gotta be a troll or something there is no other explanation. If the guy asked exactly under the official post if you can switch between us to eu and they answer yes, then you don’t know how to comprehend what you reading. Also the official post says "To ensure everyone can find an open world now, while also finding a home in Aeternum with their community long-term, we’ll offer an opportunity in the next couple weeks for all players to relocate their character to a new server of their choice at no cost. When they write to a new server of their choice means to any server anywhere no matter the region. So I am expecting to be able to move from US to EU as well.


wow how absolutely disappointing this has all become…

Don’t even try to argue with this CPF guy. Saw him replying to a couple of post, where people were criticising AGS on different topics. He is doing his very best, to defend AGS by bringing up complete nonsense.

A lot of players took the word of developers to start characters on other servers for the hope of future transfers. Players were encouraged to start new characters in places without a queue precisely with the supporting reason being that transfers would be coming as a solution. The implication is quite clear: server transfers will help people reunite down the road.

The exact whens and hows of this process may not be ironed out, but players are still making investments of their own time and money right now based on this suggestion. There needs to be a clear response on whether or not players will even have the option to transfer somewhere to join their friends, or the business of transfers will not have been at all about relieving the overpopulated servers for anything but reducing queues even though it was quite clearly portrayed as a future solution to encourage players to join low-population servers.

As of this precise moment at 18:45 on a Friday night there is exactly 1 NA server with a queue. If this is not about helping bring players together again this exercise will very quickly become almost entirely futile.

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Bringing up complete nonsense is to go out of your way and tell another poster who they should reply to. What are you guys 12 and need mommies permission to reply to people?

Pretty sure it’s doesn’t get more pathetic than that.

Hello guys
Here you have the official response, sorry for the long wait

You already brought up that argument in another thread. I tried to help this guy, to save some time and argue with someone like you. Cause you are either trolling, like he assumed or not right in the head. Either way you are making an absolute fool of yourself.

Nah I would say running into a thread just to cry about who your approved posters are is right up there with the best way to make a fool of yourself.

Keep up the good work.

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Can you please confirm if US-West and US-East are considered different regions for the purpose of this transfer?

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Mis amigos se fueron a un servidor de EEUU por que un GM les afirmo que no iban a tener ningun problema, es mas tenemos la captura. Me parece vergonzoso que ahora hayan capado esa opcion ya que hay muchos ingleses que estan en servidores españoles por que se abrieron anter servidores europeos que estaunidenses. Y ahora no se van a poder mover entre regiones…

not only they didnt, in twitter they said that you WILL be able to transfer to another region.
Live support also said you will be able to transfer to a full server.

Live support said that we will be able to transfer to full servers.

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