Server Transfer Update PLEASE

Can we PLEASE have an update i was told by Mutiple Amazon Employees that server transfers would be available before the years end and then i was inform by Multiuple Employees again that they would come at the beginning of the new year im tired of playing on a server where all my REAL LIFE friends are not on and i do not want to make another character after geting my character skills ups to 200 and gear score up to 590+ waste of my time to make another character PLEASE for the love of god dont tell us some generic answer that most of you Amazon people have bin doing, look here look there sorry to hear your haveing issues all we wanna know is when cause i just dont feeel like playing anymore and im sure there are LOTS of others who feel the same way casue they want off dead servers or to get to there friends or accisdently whent to wrong server where there friends whent to another server and are now stuck there just give us an answer so we can all stop bitching PLEASE

I Have Gotten this msg 3 times
Regarding the question, second round, when? That’s a great question We have really good news on that, second round of transfer tokens in early 2022 . This may change depending on the feedback and data they receive.

And this msg 3 times
“We are looking to provide a second round of server transfers. Estimated timing is before the year’s end. We will keep you updated if that changes .”


Somebody has to provide a month even if it in 6 months. I personally believe that there are lot of people who maxed out gear,proffesions and more including me that wants to move from one server to another if these actions continues it will be only a loss for the game overall…The longer its being stalled the more people will get tired of waiting.


sorry to say curseing at them is gonna do nothing but show everyone your maturity level please dont comment on my posts you dont help my post at all


I dont even want a token i want u guys to Move my character to the other server because it was an accident that i moved him to my CURRENT server didnt want to be on this server i wanted to be with my real life friends if u cant do that then im done spending money the game and im done playing its really that simple ill just go back to final fantasy online


Honeslty if u notice everyday more and more people are quiting this feature needs to come and it needs to come as fast as possible.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Our server was merged with 4 other servers into another server.

The one we were merged into was fully controlled by yellow and so was 3 out of the other 4 servers.

I can’t believe they would merge 6 servers together that were all predominantly one faction.

Our merged server is now roughly 500 yellow hammer spammers with a handful of greens and purples.

As soon as server tokens become available, I will be moving on to a new server.

Well i cancelled my amazon prime membership and as of today im done playing new world after no help from any of the support staff on forums on call or in 1on1 chat and after many promises that they were coming before end of the year i quit if i cant play with the 15 real life friends without makeing another character after spending 800 hours on my character im done ill keep checking back every once in awhile see if tokens are back untell then cya

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Agreed - tokens need to come sooner rather than later to ensure that people are able to play on the servers they want and with the people they want to. Merges haven’t solved a lot for a huge amount of servers and there is NO point doing further merges until they see the aftermath of another set of tokens being available (whether free or for purchase).

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Please give us an update.

My company left the server roughly three weeks ago before merges. The new companies that came over are intolerable, the few companies that were green went purple, and now I am sitting in limbo wondering when transfers will be enabled. I know there is a housing issue, but it would be nice to have a time frame. I’m stuck on a server I dislike, and in the worst faction because all of the good companies left or changed factions.

Seriously, I’ll buy a token. Just let me leave the server.


+1 transferred to the only active server in the world set(more than 100 pop). That server didn’t get merged. Now stranded away from friends. They can’t switch because some transferred in. So now im stuck away from my friends, can’t even make a new character without deleting 500+ hours.

I have already address this in your other post.

Transfers are currently disabled and being worked on. There is a major bug (which causes the loss of housing items when transfering). this is a very bad thing for people with trophies.

Transfers will be reenabled (soon) when the problem is fixed. Please spread the word, and stop reposting the same thread topic.

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ive already seen this and multiple others i dont care get rid of my house and my trophies i dont care if there gone i have 3 major torphies in 3 houses could care less if they get deleted im not asking for a token im asking for a accident to be fixed i havnt seen an offical post stateing the loss of houses i have seen official posts stating people farming on low pop servers and transfer with a shit tone of goods and orther things but thats not me ill even transfer whith just what my character has on them. just wanna play with my friends


LuxendraCommunity Manager


Greetings Adventurers,

We have temporarily disabled world transfers while we investigate a recently discovered issue which is exacerbated by the transfer feature. This only affects players that have an existing server transfer token. We will provide an update once we have re-enabled the feature.

Thank you for your understanding!

sooo if there still is world transfers then WTF havnt people bin given the opertunity to get transfer tokens this was posted today WTF

Still no transfers. . .

Nah you’re stuck on the server you hate because you’re not on the winning team and also do nothing to contribute.

do you have any idea of what your talking about lol ive contributed alot on my old server we owned the whole map i have over 800 hours and im in 600gs gear so yeah ive done my share of contributeing and on my current server im not on the loseing team so please dont talk about somthing you have no idea of stop being a troll

Tried to transfer last night and still greyed out. Can we have some sort of update on progress please?


Its done if u see more people and more are spamming for this but i dont think we will see transfers in the future we will have just to quit this game


yes it is a complete sentence

Hello is there any news about server transfers? I would like to use my first token i got some months ago. My server is dead and the costs for everything including azoth are just exploding.
There is no OPR and overall no people to do anything. Btw server merge for our server went totally wrong as it seems…