Server transfer update!?

I am one of the unfortunate pre-order players that is still stuck on a laggy launch server while all my friends who didn’t invest loads of time at the start are playing together.

Whats going on here? Am I quitting the game or transferring to the other server?
I love the game but will not be creating a fresh avatar to play it…

Appreciate some response… thanks


same. some news? when will we get the tool to switch server? :frowning: want to play with my friends!


I just wish they would be clear in the timeline and thresholds for a server being ‘full’. Trying to plan with some friends that got the game late but we’re not sure how to proceed.

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I am in the exact same boat! I can’t even play with a friend that bought me the game for my birthday. It has only been a week, but there is so much I have missed doing with a group of friends.

I’m being led to believe that the devs are finding that a considerable amount of data can’t be easily migrated. If it were going smoothly there probably wouldn’t be crickets. Let’s hope it is just a business decision to not give us up-to-date timelines.

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Se supone que en esta semana habilitan el cambio de personaje a otro reino.

yeah… I’m a bit unforgiving on this one shouldn’t promise something you cant deliver… No excuses as far as I am concerned it needs to happen at this point.

The lack of communication from them 1week on is worrying and slightly offensive.

I understand all game releases have there issues especially MMO launches but they messed up bad!

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Hey all, last Thursday, we communicated in an article that we were targeting character transfers for this week. The team is still on track to deliver on that plan.

We are working with them to get a full FAQ for character transfers and once we have all the details we anticipate folks will want to know, we’ll share the full list.

We really appreciate your patience for this and understand how important it is to have this information.


Thanks for the update Luxendra! We really appreciate the response and I am glad to hear everything is still on track. Time to login I guess! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. Really appreciate it!
Eagerly anticipating the faq to find out if it will just be a one day event or we will have time to complete the task.


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The only thing I really want to know is , is my house going to transfer with me, or will it be completely lost… Playin without a house is becoming a huge chore. Storage is barely manageable without the extra, and the fast travel with no 2nd point is just absurd now. :c

this week… week isnt over.



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