Server Transfers, are you thinking about company transfers

Since there is talk about character Transfers, it’s not obvious that this will be a solution for many.

I’ll explain;
if you want to join friends on a population capped server how will this be possible? Is it your intention for their friends to move to them?
Which brings me to Companies, now many companies have been created in advance of launch with members in the hundreds who play across multiple games, now some of those companies have players spread across multiple servers due to the capped servers, so will it be possible to transfer whole companies across servers?
If we are doing large transfers, is anything in place to avoid faction imbalances.

I can foresee this being a complete mess, I also don’t have any really good great solutions to the issue you have created, but I will list a couple below and maybe others can add their own and criticise or improve upon these ideas.

Maybe a questionaire to company leaders asking if they were willing to move to an new server, this could then allow you to select these premade companies to be moved to new Servers and be able to control the faction populations also put like minded groups together, i.e. companies that are PVP focused against other like minded companies, each with a sprinkle of crafting companies to compliment them.

Allow all players to select an new server, then all players being told yes or no depending upon space of new server, so if one group of friends that have a few friends that get a no can then select another server to try, so they all get onto the same server.

Hopefully others have ideas.

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