Server transfers being nerfed ROFL

Translation:: We dont want you moving out the servers we just forced you into. Have a nice day!

…What a clownshow…

Congratulations! :partying_face:

Personally, I think it should be longer than 30 days…3 months at a minimum would be a good amount of time. It prevents people from jumping servers constantly and destroying faction balance, economies etc.


This has been the plan for awhile. I honestly thought the 30 days was enabled already.


They enabled it, people complained, and they pushed it off until the 25th.

Hopefully its coming this time.


Are you sure this applies for merges? I mean, people moving often was a cashgrab and enabled RMT to move resources around, which we in general despise so it’s a good move, 30 days is even too short, but well, can’t have everything.

But you can move from a server that has just merged. If you have moved to that server more than 3 days ago then transfers will not be on cooldown and you can transfer elsewhere without problem. If you moved there less than 3 days ago then you did so while knowing the server would be merged as they announce merges about 3 days in advance.

The people who complained are the ones who were previously exploiting game mechanics by constantly switching servers.

Agreed. But AGS said they didnt give enough notice so everybody could get to their preferred company and server in time before it went into effect.

But people will still complain. Espcially about stuff they are paid to complain about.


3 months is an eternity for New World. 3 months ago, fresh start servers didn’t exist, there were queues and a lot more legacy servers than there is now. Locking people onto a low population server for that long will accelerate the already unfortunate slippery slope population trends in this game.