Server transfers causing queues

So for the past couple of weeks I have been able to get on and play without issue, today after the server transfers have been opened up, I jump on the pc fire up the game to a queue of nearly 1k players for the server (Hellheim), surely you would of foreseen this issue, and given all the issues I am reading about with the server transfers, i don’t really want to move my character, not yet, not until transfers are stable, which they apparently are not at this time, given the feedback I have read.

I have been waiting since launch to join up with the company I joined in Alpha testing, only a few of us got into the chosen server, and are still scattered all over the place, and unable to transfer within the same world set unless we restart the game with a new character, I hope the queues that this has caused is a temporary issue and a solution is found soon, because as of now the game is no longer playable unless I wait for hours in a long queue.

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