Server transfers & faction balance

Firstly, let me start by saying I have no issue with the inherent idea to provide free server transfers to all players. It’s a great solution to the launch issues (I guess? I never experienced them).

However, I implore you to please consider the knock-on effects this could have on faction balance amongst the servers. It’s simply human nature that most would prefer to be on the ‘winning’ side. Unfortunately, in this game, that usually means one faction dominating the other two purely on player numbers alone.

The purpose of these free transfers is for joining with friends who started on different servers. Great. It should not be possible to abuse this free transfer for faction dominance.

There will be a lot of complaints from a vocal minority, but I genuinely believe for the health and longevity of the game, limits on transfers should be in place along the lines of:

  • you can’t transfer into the server if your faction is the most populated
  • you can’t transfer into the server if your faction is the most dominant

These are just examples off the top of my head. The point is clear. You cannot have genuine warring factions, when over 70% of the server base is in a singular faction.

There would need to be bonuses provided to those transferring into low-pop factions in order to entice and sweeten the deal. Possible bonuses:

  • Increased exp until server balances
  • Increased currencies until server balances
  • Small combat buffs in pvp combat until server balances
  • Increased resource drops until server balances
  • Free tier 2 house

Honestly, the possibilities for bonuses to low-pop factions are endless, some more game-breaking than others.

There will be negative feedback to this. “But my friends are on a faction dominant server so I can’t join them”. Everyone receives a free transfer, so these friends could all transfer to a different server where the faction isn’t dominant. If that’s not seen as suitable, then they are looking for dominance.

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