Server Transfers news?

Is there any news about server transfers i am so fed up of being stuck at level 60 with all my guild and friends elsewhere, please dont let me spend another weekend bored.

It was coming this week like 2 weeks ago what is the problem?


There is literally a Megathread in this board about it, it’s orange, you can’t miss it

Server Transfer Questions

Yeah with no information in it…

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It has the information that exists so far.

I’m sorry but they were coming 2 weeks ago then in a few days, now we hear nothing. All the discussion in the big thread is regarding region transfers.

I went from “next week”, to “just another week” to the latest patch just saying they were laying the groundwork for it.

It is very disappointing, but I suspect that what seemed like an easy solution to Amazon in theory, turned out to be a lot harder to implement in practice.

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Yeah… it suddenly just went dark. Yeah there is a link but with squat info. Same bunch of words… I need to get away from my server so badly…

Me and my friends thought, the transfer was the main reason for the maintenance this wednsday (beside some bugfixes). Now its delayed again, and no further infos?
Communitymanager - please tell us something :slight_smile:

From the 1.02 patch notes, nothing more to tell:

This week’s update brings in another swathe of bug fixes, alongside laying additional groundwork for the upcoming server transfer feature. Many members of our team are still working tirelessly on ensuring everyone can find a world to call their long-term home with the character transfer feature. We’ll have more information on server transfers when they’re ready.

I rather have it good this time, considering all the bugs still in game, if you can believe the forum spam :slight_smile:

Transfers will be announced today.

I truly hope you are correct.

If transfer isn’t announced and guaranteed by next weekend at the LATEST I don’t think I’m gunna stick around, I’ve gone too far on my main character, whom I’ve never been able to play with a single friend because every day one of them got the game the “new” server we made characters on got temp. locked so were split amongst 3 servers. The grind for levels is very tedious/monotonous and I really can’t bring myself to get to 50 on another character… I’ll probably check back in 6 months to a year from now if the game is still around though.

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Yeah im pretty much of the same mind atm, i really love the game and the guys in guild have managed to claim ebonscale on the server i will be joining. Unfortunately alot of the level 60 content requires groups to complete, even the “solo quests”. I cant spend another week just farming materials in the hope i might get to join the rest of the guild.

I’m on level 32 right now, buy i do not play much these days cause i’m tired to play alone. All my friends are on different server and i’m waiting for transfers.

Like others, I’ve been waiting to be able to transfer my main character. He’s currently 37 but I’m considering deleting him and starting over. It doesn’t take long to level and I went through several wipes during the alpha period and the betas. I’ve been working on my alt character with some other friends on a different server, but I’d rather be on my main. I am getting tired of starting over, though, and repeating the same quests that I’ve done many times over the past year.

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