Server transfers regions question

Hey, to anyone who has the knowledge to this does anyone know if the world transfers are region specific in the case of NA-WEST/NA-EAST, or is it that you can’t switch servers from NA to EU. I just read the server transfer post and I’m extremely worried about being unable to switch to my friends east server since west servers were the only ones for me that I could access without a 2000 player Q on day 1. I was under the impression that I could switch to my friends server when the option became available since they are on I believe its called Marrow. Anyways appreciate anyone who can let me know.

I want to transfer from NAW Saragalla to an NAE server

Hi Mintaims,

At this time, you will not be able to switch regions (ie. US-West, US-East, Central Europe, Australia, South America).

If you have any further questions, please put them in the megathread here!