Server Transfers Ruining New Players

Imagine creating a character, spending the time to level it up yourself on the new start servers. One day Amazon themselves decides to merge servers with others. All your friends that are lv60 are on one server and you got FORCE MERGED to a different server than them. Amazon tells you that you have to pay 15 dollars to transfer, and wait 3 days. OK 3 days sucks but new players shouldn’t have a cool down. It was FORCED… Then they say F YOU and slap a 30 day block 2 days after after giving you a 30 day block. Yes transfer limits are a must but I don’t think blocking new players after you forced them to transfer is smart. Now I can’t help my brother for an entire month… He doesn’t even want to play anymore because he doesn’t want to start over just because amazon hates their new player base.

They’ve acknowledged the issue and will have a fix out soon.


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