Server Transfers should be 100% Free, Just add a cooldown period

It’s not our fault nor our job to manage your servers balance issues. Many of us would be happy to take a break on another server till things settle down. But we should not have to pay to leave nor come back… We should never have to pay when we make new friends or join a new community…

It’s insane that you expect someone to pay money when their already taking the sacrifice to leave a server while the population settles down let alone demand another fee when the server they go to starts to die and they move back or to another populated server…

Rift did a great job here and your copying World of Warcraft… Thing is they solved most the issues now and even then their excuse is it’s almost a 20 year old MMORPG. Who would in 2021 release a MMO with such a broken ancient system and then blame the consumer and demand money?

Restrictions like cooldowns are required and I agree with that. But I don’t think you should be making the money off of our backs when this is not our fault…


No they shouldn’t be. There will always be server balance issues as the population fluctuates. No other MMO provides free transfers on cooldowns and that’ll just promote wimpy behavior of companies moving around to try and dominate servers.

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The original problem, like with most things in the game, is that free transfers were abused by mega-companies to frequently server swap like a plague of locusts. Take territories, sell the gold, kill the server, and move to another.

But megacompanies have been circumventing that for a long time by using multiple alts + VPNs to set their steam region to Turkey (where transfers cost the equivalent of $1.49 USD).

So I don’t think making transfers cheaper or free would be an issue.

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This is kind of the issue and I agree that it could be exploited and there needs to be ways to prevent it or iron it out somehow. But as I see the game right now they’re punishing the majority of the player base on things like use when it’s not their fault. A very small player base actually does the whole taking over the towns and things like that.

They could implement some quite interesting restrictions for the first say 14 days after you transfer or even one month.

It’s not uncommon to have such restrictions placed on games that have PVP type objectives.

What I get mad is these veteran players who don’t give a crap to the fresh players or the new players or players who are just wanting to play with friends. The more you harm these players the more they quit and the sooner this game will fall apart again. The idea is to continue making this game better.

This is why even the games that are shared like this game have cross Play features and all this other stuff now.

Wait till I suggest they have battlegrounds that you can play with the entire region LOL

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