Server Transfers? Uh

Update 10/29/21 10:14 AM EST

Server transfers have been released, however you can not transfer if you have had the bug where you sold items while offline. It looks like the patch last night was not intended to fix transfers, only the crouch bug. I am personally assuming that it won’t be fixed until next week. I’m upset. Groups are being split up even more.



Are you on US east or west? We dont get to transfer until later today I believe

i mean thats the confusing part, they say all regions, did i misread or misunderstand?

edit: im already on the airport with my bags

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They rolled it out by region. I believe US east starts at 5 pm today

that much i know, i wasnt expecting it untill like 4-5 hours later today, its just a buddy of mine said “they are enabling it for all regions”, and im kinda confused now XD but i guess its “usa regions”.

It appears by that message all regions should be able to. The patch notes had it listed as later today.

Yes… which is confusing… EU here and there are no tokens available for me…

I may of misread it too, maybe they meant they are starting to enable them?

me confuse

They are enabling server transfer while the game is experiencing gold dupe :thinking::exploding_head::partying_face::partying_face:

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Maybe I can get a character dupe and have an alt


You misread.

There are the times that each region will be enabling the transfers.

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So I’m US West which was supposed to be open to transfer at 2am last night, I logged on early this morning and again now and still the World Transfer option is blank in the Store. Am I doing something wrong?

Theres already a new update buddy.

LuxendraCommunity Manager


Hi everyone!

We are enabling Server Transfers for all regions. Please be aware that a very small number of players when attempting a transfer will be warned they cannot proceed. This is a safety measure to prevent potential corruption on the character record. The transfer token is not consumed in this case. We will correct this for those affected as soon as possible and provide updates.

Looks like they screwed something up not you.

They aren’t all live yet, sorry! I added an update that says we’ll let you know when they’re all up :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding! I was super confused.

If wenused our token to transfer the first time we will get another soon?

where transfer ? D eu not yet

can we please get an update. its been an hour. few of my friends in the same server as me transfered with no problem yet im stuck because i have active stuff for sale but ive checked and i do not.
i want to play with my irl friends but if i cant just tell me now so i can stop wasting my time sitting here