Server Transfers? Uh

The rollout plan as I currently have it is here: [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.4

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us west says 2am today. im 1 hour behind it. which would make it 1am for server transfer. its currently 1012 am. can we get a real update instead of a previous post that is obv delayed?>

US-West does have transfers enabled from what I can tell.

Hi everyone!

We are enabling Server Transfers for all regions. Please be aware that a very small number of players when attempting a transfer will be warned they cannot proceed. This is a safety measure to prevent potential corruption on the character record. The transfer token is not consumed in this case. We will correct this for those affected as soon as possible and provide updates.

We will provide an update when all of the regions are live.

Please change this official news post as it seems to be the cause of much confusion.

youre right its avaiable but i am not allowed to because of active trading stuff but ive checked every post and i have nothing in the AH. im stuck because of this bug

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If you weren’t changing the timeframe for opening transfers in other regions, why even make a post saying they are being opened for all regions? We already knew they were from the patch notes. All you did was cause mass confusion.


So, does this mean that EU will be at 11pm CEST? Or could it be earlier?

yeah this confusion made me pull the trigger on all my market orders, im pretty heavy ATM :smiley:

I did the exact same thing.

Sorry! That wasn’t my intention. We were restating the fact that we are working on opening up server transfers and to be aware that there were some players experiencing issues with the transfer that we are working on addressing. I’ll make that clear, thank you for the feedback!


I was gonna blame the market for being heavy too, turns out I was just fat.

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Server Transfer Rollout Plan:

Regions Server Transfers Re-Enabled
US-West 2:00 AM PT October 28th
Central Europe 2:00 PM PT October 28th / 11:00 PM CEST October 28th
US-East 2:00 PM PT October 28th / 5:00 PM ET October 28th
South America 2:00 PM PT October 28th / 6:00 PM BRT October 28th
Australia 2:00 PM PT October 28th / 8:00 AM AEST October 29th

but my concern is that you said this exact same thing an hour ago. can we just get a real update on the progress? when you say the same thing on every post or 3 hours its insane. people paid real money for this game and your job is to update the community on questions and concerns. what is the time frame for this fix

Wow. Maybe it’s time to take a rest, have a cup of something you like and bring that good 'ol patience up again. This is something we have no control of, and losing your head does not speed up the process nor motivates any community manager reading your post.

We’re all in this together, so save your energy for the watermark farming

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you right

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anyone know if US West transfers are up?
i have the option to buy the transfer and see the server list
i meet all the requirements, but the confirm button is still greyed out

according to staff. yes transfer is up but people are having a bug where it says we have stuff for sale when we actually dont
we are waiting for a real update on the issue


ah, thanks

Thanks for the reply and clarification.

Hey, one question, not trying to critique or anything negative, just pure curiosity and self-learning as Im also a software dev and have received my fair share of CS representatives request for updates

What would you like to hear?

Specific details cannot be given because private property, and the usual procedure is replicating the issue in a controlled environment to pin-point and identify where the problem is at which can take time, specially if it happens once in a X iterations. So that leads to the usual “the team is working on it”

I myself am quite patient because I’ve been in the exact position, so I know the time for an answer might not come in a short time.