Server Transfers? Uh

well when many many players are experiencing the same problem with the AH. and others are not. what id like to know is what exactly is being targeted and worked on. if the team has identified *A as the problem id like to know possible fixes and or a time frame. if this is something that is going to be pushed back to next weeks update id like to know so i can log off and do something else untill then. but sitting here refreshing forums and constantly logging out and in waiting to transfer to play with friends is getting tiring. i understand certain detials cant be given but a general sentence explaining what is being prioritized and a time frame would be nice to everyone.

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We’ve just set server transfers are live in all regions! I’m currently working with the team to investigate the causes that prevent players from transferring servers in relation to the Trading Post. Once I get confirmation and updates, I’ll provide them.

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thank you thats the update we needed!

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Thanks for the answer. I think do notifying the customer that the team is working on it is necessary, i believe acknowledge of the issue is indeed something lacking not just here

While a time frame is really difficult to set unless the real cause of the issue is already found and defined how to solve (too many variables), would something like “The team is working on replicating the issue to address it” or “The team has replicated the issue and are working on a solution” be better than the stapple “working on it”?

Hey @Luxendra is outpost rush going live for US East now?

There Will be another free or this is the same because i used it and i want to go back in my server.

I think this quote was directed to someone else

That’s for everyone you know x)

Just FYI


Literally just deleted my alt, went to transfer annnnnddd its broken

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Good afternoon,
I have the same doubt as @infernus5682 , if this token will be for all players, or just for those who didn’t transfer it the first time.

I believe it’s for anyone who hasn’t used it yet only. If you already used it, you can’t transfer until you can buy them.

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Helleim is litteraly a hell lol. I want to be with my New friends

That’s funny, because the reason we are transferring is because of a group that came from Helleim .

I cannot transfer my character to any server. I get a message that I cannot have active buy / sell offers. But I don’t have any … Anyone know how to fix it?


Holy crap what a mess with server transfers…


Your best bet is just 6 post above yours. Good luck!


Although there is no product in the market, it looks like it exists. I havent slept all day for this. Why are u doing this ?? m seriously about to cry…

It’s frustrating, really it impossible to fix one thing and destroy other 6. C Mon


I can’t believe it :rofl:

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