Server Transfers? Uh

Sorry but this is so f**** disappointing and a shame… I hope you won’t lock the server where my friends are playing right now due to other people being able to transfer to it…

This is what worries me.

but its ok now guys. its on the known issue list along with a million other bugs in this game.


so yeah thanks AGS, more likely will miss the opportunity to transfer to where my friends are now that EVERYONE else is able too (server went from low to high in a matter of minuets)… gg AGS gg

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Thank you, thank you. Now I am off from hellish Hellheim and can join my friends on the right server :slight_smile: Happy camper now.

Well I could transfer within EU central. Hope my friends will be able to as well.
At last I am off a dying server now.

take all my gold. just let me transfer pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease


Lol :smiley:

Hey I want to keep my gold.

I think you guys took ubisoft from 1st place at releasing unpolished games… and fixing 5 bugs just to make 20 new ones doesnt help anyone idk where amazon got you guys but it’s clear now that you are there to learn how to develop a game not beeing actuall developers.



this sounds like 'na presa per culo


Pensate a farci giocare con i nostri amici! Poi le palle e gli alberi di Natale li spedite domani!

If you want Devs, me and three mates can come to AGS and fix this problem, no problem for us, for 1 bug spawn other 5, like an elephant in a glass room.

When you are waiting a transfer fix with a given emotion for the experienced queues.


what a joke…


ce la facciamo entro oggi?

Support told me to wait until 5:00pm EST because thats when all of the servers would have transfers open. Here we are, still have phantom trading post sell/buys. And the server I want to transfer to is up to high population… All of my friends in it but not me lol. Thanks


well guys here goes another week where we cant reunite with our friends :slight_smile: maybe if we are lucky enough we will be able to transfer next week


Funny, nice joke