Server under maintenance? (no warning)

Where does is say that there will be a downtime? Just got kicked from a m5 mutation. :rage:

Server: Utopia

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Just got kicked farming the Pitt boss for the last 5 hours … AP southeast ( Utopia )

Where is the hour warning

and again…

Devs be like


It’s really disgusting. This makes the barely remaining players quit.

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The server most likely crashed. The maintenance message is the default when it happens. The server is supposed to recover automatically.

Right? Why do players think that the Devs are out to personally get them lol

Devs have gone home for the day, check back in 6-12 hrs for a response

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Around 4.30am EST a few of us were kicked a few times off our server. I posted about it and someone from another server replied that the same thing was happening.

Some kind of hiccup in the system.

EU Central - just got kicked a few minutes ago.

My guess and I emphasize that word, is that AWS’s services that AGS uses had some issues.

And I guess with AGS new ‘transparency’ we will never find out and no-one will post anything.

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Well, problem with Pay-to-Play time of games is that they already got our money. Anything else they get now, from the cash-shop, is just gravy.

If New World shuts down tomorrow then I am pretty sure that it will be positive revenue item for Amazon.


If you are so upset over a server going down for maint. perhaps you need to step outside and cool off… This is not something you should get so heated over and call “disgusting” lmfao.


Awe cute, resorting to name calling. Well done.

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