Server wipe, but reward the legit players. Hear me out!

What if…there was a server wipe. Everything gets wiped. Gear, items, character back to level 1, BUT…Current players that have say 50 hours in the game so far or something get an item that insta levels you to 60. As far as crafting goes give out an item that based on a player’s play time they get all their crafting skills set at a certain point like 50 hours playtime=75 crafting level. Something where the amount of time spent in the game was equal to what time and effort has to be put into crafting. And give everyone a basic lv 60 set of armor.
This solves the item and gold duping that has already been done because all those items and gold go bye-bye. Gives the players who have stuck through this far a reward. Yes those that have farmed up all their crafts and gear will lose out a bit, but if it fixes the server economies and gets everyone back on a level playing field I would rather have to spend hours farming up again instead of battling against all these exploiters. Or if too many people don’t want to start completely over with their character at least wipe all items, gold, and gear. Give everyone a decent set of armor based on their character level.

And this is coming from someone with 235 hours currently in the game. After putting in all this time and effort and seeing exploiters running around like fat kings.

A bit?!?

What reward? I get to lose all my mats, my gold, my gear, my 200 skills, my weapons XP and what…I get to start over again with an insta-60 token and garbage gear? I get to do all the quests I’ve already done all over again if I want the main quest line caught up? I get to do all the faction grinding again?

Reward, you say?

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What is the state of your server?

Mine was green having an army of lv 60 by about day 4 and owning 9 territories up until about a week ago when yellow was finally able to control 2 lands. Purple had 1 for a long time, but finally making head way because green was getting bored. Ran around gathering for hours on end. How about the economy? Some servers economy is in terrible shape so can’t buy items for crafting. Gotta get it all yourself. If you got rolled the short stick on a server like mine then crafting was an absolute nightmare to try and level up. Yet the stronger faction of the server gets reduced travel and more bonuses.

I also stated about maybe giving players crafting levels scaling off time played in the game. Who knows though. If they felt nice enough they could just let everyone have lv 200 crafting if they feel enough time has gone by since release that majority of players should have it leveled up.

No. F***ing Hell, no. I’m not putting in another 400+ hours to level up and get my professions maxed or nearly-maxed, just because some loudmouth is too lazy to go and gather materials.
And that’s exactly what you’re whining about - being too lazy to level up crafting, being too lazy to gather. All your suggestions point to that one problem, and it is your problem, not anyone elses.
Deal with it.

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there is no way in the world where us the players should take the loss for the fault of the game’s Dev team, they need to work on their codes fix their mistakes… i’ve never played a game that struggled this hard to fix bugs yet end up causing more bugs to appear, just pay for a good team and fix it, the game already made alot of money and will make more if you just do it right and not cause it to die due to endless game breaking bugs

Im good with just a server wipe to be honest

I stopped right there. This is the first step AGS can take towards killing their own game.

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Lazy? 1/3 of my game play consists of running iron and hemp loops for entire days in Windsward and First Light so far lol. What I’m complaining about is the amount of time we legit players have had to spend to get this stuff when exploiters do just that. Exploit. Crashing economies, geared up players who haven’t had to slave away at the game, and ruining it for those that are playing the right way. Sometimes things need to be set to a clean slate to fix things long term.

And if you have 400 hours in the game then if they chose to give crafting levels based on amount of time played then you would be set anyway.

I have 160 hours in-game, but am only level 36… that is because I have other toons on other servers around the world (so I can try different playstyles/items)… I don’t think an automatic level 60 would be the answer for me and those like me…
Maybe an auto-level 30 or 40 after a wipe would be better… Part of the fun of the game is leveling up your character.

I agree that it isn’t fair that legit players are being penalized because of all the cheaters out there… If Amazon doesn’t get their act together on this, New World will become a Dead World…

Since I have no character that is level 60 at this time, I would not want a ‘level 60’ boost.
As far as the gathering and crafting skills are concerned; some players ranked up their gathering skills to a high level while their level was still rather low.
There are level 25’s with over 100 in gathering skills and crafting.

How is that considered to be any example of high skill levels?
Only for crafting does it make any difference, for the investment into spent into using all materials.
But gathering is like a binary option, either you are 60 and 200 on all gathering, or havent cared in the slightest.

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AGS meaning?

Nothing like yours. Neither of them. Your bad server (in your eyes) isn’t justification for wiping the whole game for everyone else. I get it, your server’s not in a great place from your point of view but; how does that make wiping out everyone else’s a good idea?

I heard you out. I don’t agree.

I heard you out, this is ridiculous.

Transfers. I was finally able to get out of the disaster that was my server and get on a relatively balanced server. For some reason this server is so much further behind than mine was. Perhaps less exploiters were on this server I have no idea, but it seems this server is much further behind in progress ie much fewer lv 60s, war strats, general knowledge of the game. And now comes all of us who are much further ahead rolling down on this server on top of some rather sus new companies rolling around in full on void gear. Actually caught on video a player from one of the new companies actively doing the outpost rush capping bug. I feel bad for the people who were on this server because they weren’t ready for this. Exploiters who were locked destroying their starting servers are now transferring out to potentially destroy servers like this one.

Looks like it could very well turn into every servers problem here soon.

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