Server/region question (DE/EN)

Hello people,

I have read a lot of posts about people complaining about no character migration and I think it only applies to migrating your character to a completely different region (ie. from europe to americas).
Honesty this makes a lot of sense and I think a lot of players were trying to avoid connectivity issues / full servers, got stuck on a wrong region and go boohooooo. Next to the other players, who put in 500+ hours and complain about lack of content.
Your. Own. Responsiblity. Please do not cater to these 2 groups of players. It used to be Wáááááaaaaay worse before. (I’m old)

Anyhows, my question: I have started on a German server in EU Center region, because I think generally it’s better connectivity and it had a high population.
I am Dutch and I am capable of reading German, but talking is another thing and I find everything in German to be a bit immersion breaking (or French, Dutch whatever). The thing with these localized servers is that they all talk their native language (with 1 or 2 exceptions). Getting them to communicate in English has been fine for now, but I can imagine encountering some hostility in the future.
Having the locations in game translated into German almost gave me a heart attack. I very much would like to tell someone “Meet me at Light island” and not at Licht Insel. You do NOT translate names. Disney and their audio synchronisation cause enough damage as it is.

I can tollerate all German for now, but am I right in assuming that I can move my character to an UK located server? (1 time for free)
Are there German, French servers, where they don’t only talk in that language?

I’m quessing it will be UK, but I would prefer a diverse crowd

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