Servers ARE unlocking

The FAQ at the top of the “Server Transfer Questions Megathread” ([Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread) mentions that Full Server status is “… not permanent, we review the number of daily active players every day to determine Full status of servers.”

It seems like a fair number of servers are unlocking over time as the active player count comes down. I had an old tab open to the server status page and took a screenshot before refreshing. I’ve attached the before and after (shows a selection of US East servers). Only 2 of the 30 locked servers are still locked today.

I know many people are still frustrated that their friends are on full servers with the upcoming server transfer capability, but I bet a lot of people who were initially worried about this are now free to move to where their friends are. Forum posts obviously skew heavily towards those who are understandably still upset, and there might not be a great solution for some of the massively overpopulated servers. I’ve also seen some recent posts about servers with low populations that are still locked. Maybe this information will give them some hope that they could be unlocked soon.

What doesn’t make sense is how they are unlocking, the way they explain it is that its being reviewed regularly but it doesn’t really make sense when you have 50% populated servers that are still locked but servers open with long queues.}

Both US regions opened but EU and others haven’t to the same extent. Check out the screenshot below, doesnt really make sense to have unlocked servers with queues if it was an automated system.

Only the US servers are unlocked… its been like that since they started locking servers because most of the player base is EU. Most EU servers are still locked even though population in prime time is 50%

Eridanus for some reason also has two instances of server. A Eng server and a DE/EN server both of which have 1200-1300 / 2000 players.

Sunday afternoon and servers are 50% capacity and still locked.

Yeah, I had seen some other posts about the half-full servers still being locked, and I agree that is a bit odd.

I wonder if they possibly have different operations teams for US and EU, and the EU team is taking a different approach. In the transfer megathread I linked they said the full status would be reviewed before launching the transfers feature. So maybe the EU team is waiting until the day of the transfer feature launch to do their unlocks. Without knowing their internal processes all we can do is speculate though. They could communicate these plans a bit more though to keep the playerbase informed about what to expect.

maybe they will u-turn on proper pvp servers

game’s broken, jeff

Not sure there is much of a EU team. It’s pretty much a US based dev team. Everything is done around US time-zones too.

There is not only a problem with servers not unlocking. We are having over 1500 queue on Mayda and server is still open for newcomers . . .

Even if the entire development team US-based, it would not be uncommon to have regional operations teams that monitor and support their locale for large global applications like this one. We often say “dev team” as if it’s one group of people, but even in my small company with only 20-25 software engineers we’re split into three teams… and for AGS we really have no idea how they delegate decision-making. My last post was mainly suggesting that there’s at least a chance that the EU decisions are being made locally, which could explain the difference in how the unlocking seems to be unfolding. Just speculating though!

And to @Adanor: Yeah, I agree that doesn’t seem right. One possible explanation is that the EU has taken an entirely “hands-off” approach until server transfers go live, rather than inserting even more variables by flipping toggles at this point (assuming transfers are coming very soon). That’s not necessarily a bad approach overall, but it certainly makes things appear inconsistent in the short term if they aren’t communicating why these things are happening or why there are apparent contradictions.

If you take PR statements vetted for public consumption like this one at face value I’ve got an awesome bridge to sell you.

Anything that is an official capacity released by the development team around this game is a vetted PR statement.

This isn’t 2004.

I am referencing the implication that servers are reviewed for unlock daily.

Ahh, gotcha. I deleted my previous reply since it was confusing :slight_smile:

And yeah, I don’t know about the "daily’ part either. As I mentioned, they could be holding off altogether for a the time being, but who knows at this point. I just thought it was interesting that a lot of servers (at least in the US) had unlocked, since I hadn’t seen that information posted before.

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