Servers down again?

why cant i log in to my server ? it says that there is a maintenance but as far as the information that i get there shouldnt be one ? anyone els has this problem ?

server name; Asgard


it went 10 min ago , down. server crash

Lag the game crashes once again(

Can’t log into Asgard either :confused:

so its only asgard ? or like every server is down rn ?

I really get high from this game, I’ve played 560 hours in it for days, but the departures and constant shortcomings, and the loss of items, are very disappointing (

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i feel u man ! i have 686h /played rn … i wont quite the game cause of the shortcomming …but i agre its verry anoying somtimes !

bakhu server is also down

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is doing good!

Yes, there is a couple of servers down for maintenance.

You can check the status here.

Take care!