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Hello everyone!

With the transfer being imminent and the unanswered questions about population we all have, I got an idea. What if we post a screen shot of the map of our current server here. If you feel like it you can add a short description (don’t forget to name your server).

Why here? I figured it’s where most players end up when they search informations.

I would post for mine, but now I’m not in a position where I can do it.

Thanks folks!


This is big-brain. I’ve had to make a toon on each server and find out for myself!

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This is Ys - Arkadia Psi

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Balnibarbi - cov btw :slight_smile:




US East Vingolf

US East Andlang



Exactly where I just was at! I am Central US. During betas, I played on Themiscyra US East. At launch, that and all other OG East Coast servers had massive queues, so I rolled on a West server. Lag and ping is higher. Population is balanced and server seems fairly chill.
Last night I rolled a new char on an East Coast server (Tlalocan, already posted by somebody else). Ping is good but it still lags. Population seems balanced, but I was told Cov and Syn are the bullies with a weak Marauder showing. Low level zones were empty and I was able to farm and level a char surprisingly quickly. Lots of people already max level and selling purples and even linking oranges in chat was common. Seems like there is some guild dramas going on though so I was considering rolling chars on every server to gauge the community. Really hope this post takes off. Will save folks a ton of time.

P.S. if you know of popular streamers on a particular server, let us know… I think Towellie is on Ys, or at least his girl mentioned the server during her stream.

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Can you post a screenshot of the map Themiscyra? People are going to have to be going through about what, 50-100 pictures to help decide where to merge and probably won’t have time to read posts.


Is there a post of this kind for US West? I really need these maps for El Dorado and Celadon. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

Sure. I just rolled a toon there so I could get a map screenshot from live.
US East Themiscyra:

ETA: Asked the Themiscyra help channel about the current environment on their server and they wanted to make sure that I mentioned their legendary teamwork and comradarie as well as their charitable works .

Sorry for my god awful map, but
US East Krocylea

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Thanks to everyone posting. It will surely save some time to people that want to transfer.



Bump for more maps in one place


Low Pop

Primarily owned by Syndicate. There is an alliance between Syndicate and Covenant due to the largest companies of each faction being run by two IRL friends. The smaller companies of these factions fall in line behind them and anyone who wishes to assist the Marauders against this alliance is ordered not to. There are pockets on both sides that do not support the alliance but they are few. It’s a 2 vs 1 server basically.

If you are a Marauder I would advise you to stay away unless you come to fight and contribute to PVP. We have a great group of people and faction discord setup, we are just so few against what appears to be mostly neckbeards and no-lifers. Written by a helpless Marauder.