Servers map US east

I do agree that server dominated by a faction are bad.

The solution of joining massively a dominated server in another faction is great, if you have the numbers and coordination necessary to do it.

Wow - status changed quickly. Must have had a huge influx of server transfers.

Bump for people who are curious about transfers.

Hey what is your server looking like now? can I get a update lol

This is Empi as of 11/8/21 I am cov and would like to invite any greens and purples to the server to try and get land back from us as it is now they are so uncoordinated in war that we have been able to take most of these regions in under 10 min from them once a battle starts. And currently their last hold out territories are about to fall marauders tomorrow and after that the syndicate once the invasion is over.

The opposite, really. Green always had more people and when transfers hit it just hurt yellow and purple more. Top company for purple just left, so purple is now scattered, with one company trying to make waves with no results yet. One of green’s mega companies on the server is also leaving, which could change things, but as of right now, the only reason why the map isn’t fully green is because yellow took the territory purple had uncontested.

So I’ll say it again, don’t bother with Ruach. Especially if you’re purple. The only way I see this changing is server merging.

Good Morning All,

Was wondering with the updated news in regards to server merges, we should post updated maps to get a better idea of what kind of faction spread will most likely occur.

US East - Cantahar.

Marauder here. As you can see, 1 company has taken control of everything aside a bugged Reekwater. Peak times have maybe 200-250 players. Quite toxic, and 80% if not more currently active are apart of the same company, I as well as others sit in OR ques for 8-12 hours at a time before logging or just leaving que.

Oh wow, lmao. I’m really glad I left the Toast PvE server! Even though I ended up on an equally low pop which sucks, at least it’s balanced.

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Merge is supposed to occur within world sets. There’s no way of knowing which sets they’ll merge.

There is though. You can see which world set you are in and also filter to see what other servers are within it. Cantahar is in the Zeta set, along with Aztlan, Carabas, Rosetau, Themiscyra, Topan, and Yaxche. At the very least for our world set, all the servers will be merged into Themiscyra or all but Themiscyra will be combined since all of them are under 300 players at peak times.

Yea, its pretty bad lol. Now Toast is “concerned” about server health and trying to bring other factions here supposedly. They are also deciding to forego upkeep on all cities aside EF. They have good coordination but terrible leadership.

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Honestly it’s just more lies to try to get people to stay. He’s not stupid and could see this coming ages ago, he even made several Reddit posts saying that a popular streamer was going to transfer to fight them. If you still have your transfer I’d get out and move to a different server group so there’s no chance you end up back with them again.

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oh yea for sure, its the same old story with them. Hell, even some of those that were with them from the beginning called them out for the lies, exploits, stream sniping etc, before faction swapping and then transferring. Im just treating this as a co-op/solo player game at the moment and taking advantage of no competition for mats before I dip lol

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I personally think they have amazing leadership. I would like to argue that running company that involves multiple companies takes a ton of leadership. And I’m saying this because I know their roots and what they can achieve. Sorry off topic post

If their leadership was as amazing as you claim, a large portion of them wouldn’t be as toxic as they are. As a good leader wouldn’t support their company acting as they do, especially in the position they are in with owning everything at this point. Lastly, I would think their in ability to win a single invasion also adds to that. They have at the very least 300 players, considering they own 6 territories and each company has 51+ minimum. They have had EF and WW from the beginning, so neither lack of players or income is an excuse as to why they are unable to win. Not to mention they have repeatedly kicked anyone not covenant from them to slot their best players. Speaks volumes if you ask me.

I know for a fact they don’t have a 51+ requirement to join as I joined them at 39 and I also know for a fact tons are sub 50. I have yet to see them act toxic in any way shape or form…(proof goes a long way here and I can say from their exp wouldnt tolerate it) they even invited a bunch of other faction leaders to a meeting they held this week. I also know they are actively trying to get other company’s to join the server and I know of one that did and was a green one. As for invasions I know they are actively working on it but I also know there are next to no one clearing them legit every time either. And the kicking to slot their best players if that’s for invasions then hell yes they are the ones forking out cash to keep things upgraded not the random players…and also as I stated above invasions are just about impossible unless a bug happens.

The 51+ is in regards to how many players are in each company, not their level requirement. They also didnt invite Fossil Fuel, they are members that were toast that were asked to swap green. And, there is plenty of proof to be had in regards to their toxicity. As for invasions, sure they are forking money, money that the server makes them, so it isnt coming out of their own pockets for starters, it comes from the collected taxes from said region which everyone that crafts, has a house, or does townboard contributes to. They were and are making way more than enough to account for the losses. Lastly the invasions werent intended to allow you to remove people. You are to pick 10, and the rest are auto filled. So they are gate keeping content that they cant even win against, so there is no point to do so. All it does and make more and more players distrust and dislike them, as well as server dip. You can be a toast fan boy by all accounts, thats fine, and they arent all bad, but to try and turn a blind eye to their behavior if it doesnt fit what you wish to view them as is an odd choice. But, a choice so many do in this world.

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A month ago your leader publicly stated on Reddit that they had stopped recruiting and accepting new members, this was a lie.

They went on to say a large streamer was joining the server to fight them, this was also a lie.

If they were genuinely concerned about the health of the server they wouldn’t have continued recruiting, they wouldn’t have encouraged people on their discord to switch to Covenant before transferring to Cantahar either.

It’s done, nobody believes the lies anymore and the server is now a one sided PvE haven like many of them probably wanted.

@Green.Boy Despite what we all know they were earning, their leadership was actually asking people for donations as recently as 2 weeks ago lmao.


Yea, they have to ask for donations since a large handful of their own players have quit. Or only log for maybe an invasion or two, but most of them arent even full unless it is EF or WW. Find it even funnier when they try and say the server isnt dead. Dont get me wrong, there were plenty of toxic players on green and purple, but neither of them had 300+ people rearing to go at the start of a new game. Doesnt matter they were trying to recruit in the beta, or on live, why does a company need more than 100 players if your intent isn’t to try and dominate everything? They succeeded in doing so after all the xfers went out, and ultimately killed any notion of PvP and most PvE content unless it is organized by Toast. AGS is to blame for allowing transfers so early on as well though.

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This didn’t age well.