Servers map US east

No one on green is leaving. Purple out numbered green…but yellow is about to get huge right before server mergers. Watch.

Its a dumb meta right now. Lose? Transfer. That’s the fault of AGS not any player. It’s not the players job to balance.

Current server of Iardanes

Anyone have the current map of Frislandia?

I don’t think there is a balanced server out there. Low population servers have all the sweats flocking to one faction.

Adlivun will bring the following to Frislandia: 2 yellow streamers with a million alt guilds (FENGRUSH and Sequisha). What the hell is a Friggo Lounge, anyway? Green made up a bunch of hot dogs , jolly pirates, homicidal murderers, and the always flagged boys. Purple, the battered, beaten ,but still tenacious . . . along with the flock of ravens. We all look forward to murdering or working with you! See you on the 20th!

Hotto Doggu Wins Again!

anybody have screenshots of Maramma


Current Loloi. Purple has about the same numbers as yellow but yellow is concentrated in to 2 companies. Purple is heavily spread out with 1 company having 20-25 active players and the rest having 15 or less. Green is mostly dead with 1 company having 90% of the active players which is less than 25 for the entire faction.

Morrow is basically getting 300 people. I don’t understand why all of Eta except for Valhalla server didn’t get rolled into one. Morrow just had a lot of people leave the last couple days. They will have to merge again soon. Doesn’t make sense.

  • Xibalba, and Locuta will be merging into Morrow for Arkadia Eta.
  • Cedar Forest, and Blefuscu will be merging into Krocylea for Arkadia Eta

Norumbega cov is about 15 people atm lol and merg wont help us

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Update: Settlement Ownership changes all the time. What you see in this map probably will not will you see a week from now (holiday has nothing to do with that ).

From the most current update from the Devs:

  • Takamagahara and Aarnivalkea will be merging into Orun for Arkada Firma.

Personally, Syndicate, but do not group much. Can’t say what’s been going on for the last week or so (got busy with work), but our server factions stay mostly balanced. Usually one will lead (not Syn right now but we have in the past, more than once). Nothing super major to report, we have the normal server politics.

Green and Gold seem to have more players, but the hardcore Syn folks know what they are doing, and run a Syn discord. Couple level 60’s from my company get with any major Syn action going when they can, and generally are ok with the Syn players. Last I heard, couple of the larger Syn companies were open for new members. I have no idea regarding server pop.

This is today 12/17/21

do you (or anyone else) happen to have an updated map of cibola? :slight_smile:



Can someone post an updated Yaxche?

Can you post an updated map of this server? Our server is merging into it Monday and my company wants to get an idea of what were in for.

Just curious where you’re getting stats on the amount of people who have transferred off the server to people who are just not playing the game until after merge?

Updated Morrow 12/18

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Current Asphodel server. Would love to see one of Lin Lin

Can you provide an update map?

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