Servers Population

Midgard and Tir Na Nog are going down.

A want ask to AGS if the players must we pay for play buying tokens looking for a server with people to play, or you will do your job and do something to let the players play.

The current MAX pop on both servers is 300 players.

Will you do something or are you waiting for the players play once more time every server unplayed?

Come to Abaton, lots of small dying server’s companies have been moving over.

I, myself, moved from Midgard to Abaton last week.

It is a bit terrible, that a mass exodus can force the remaining players to be forced into buying a token as well to leave, or stay on a dead server.

Tbh there should be a threshold that triggers mergers, or just a number of transfers in a short period that triggers this. But the problem is that there is probably a much larger amount of non-active characters on that small (200 peak) server that already quit the game, that is stopping this merger trigger.

AGS need to face facts and consolidate servers, they also need to relook at the philosophies and algorithms around mergers.

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