Servers still down?

Why are more than half the US-west servers still showing maintenance mode 40 minutes after this??


All of the servers you posted in your screenshot are showing as either “Open” or “Full.” Which server are you looking at that is still in maintenance?

Played for 30 min after update, and got unexpected error and disconnected… good good

why i can’t connect now that are 2 hours after the update, when I try to connect it say “It’s impossible connect to the server”?

Corbenic is “under maintenance”.

So they are not all up and running.

This is at 8:06 UTC

I’ve been trying to get into Linnunrata since I bought the game last week so I can play with my brother but the server is “Full”. Was hoping that after todays update that I would be able to make a new character or atleast transfer my character over.

the issue with abandoning event HUD glitch is still persisting even though it was addressed in the patch notes im still getting that error though at least it isn’t causing my pinned quests too be invisible anymore.

Sehen sie zu dass alle EU Server Online gehen es ist eine Frechheit 8,5 Stunden.

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