Serverwide Duel Tournament from Midgard! (community event)

We find ourselves in the world called Midgard, near the Monarch’s Bluff Keep. Evening is closing in and it is Saturday the 30th of October.
After settling on the ramparts we notice a lot of soldiers coming to the gates. But they do not seem to be interested in fighting one another… just yet.

We are to be the witnesses to the First ever Serverwide Duel Tournament on Midgard.
A tournament created to decide who is the Best Duelist on Midgard, every year!

Looking down we see a figure, clad in yellow, call out: “Let the battles begin! Fight with Honor and Respect! Let us witness the First Best Duelist of Midgard! ARE YOU READY?” he shouts.

In reponse you can hear a thundering roar of cheers and excitement coming out from the participants themselves, and us, the spectators.

As the battles progress, the cheering for each one of the participants grow in volume. Bets are being made between onlookers for the winner of the next round.
Soon we get to the Top 5 and the noise of the crowd almost reaches the nearby town. More and more explorers come to be one of those who witness the first ever winner of Midgard’s Serverwide Duel Tournament.
After some incredibly close matchups, which makes you fear for your own champion’s success, we find ourselves in the Top 3. A very intense fight later, only 2 remain. But the climax is yet to come.
We see what it means to be a finalist for the Title of “Midgard’s Best Duelist”. It is nothing short of spectacular.

To see the winner walking away with an awesome stack of more than 8000 coins and the title of Midgard’s Best Duelist 2021.

This is how History is made. This is also how history is preserved. Come and see for yourself!
Come and be part of never ending history and be remembered for all the world changing actions that you have set into motion! Join us on Midgard!

Tournament Video

We are the Heaven’s News. We will record the history here for those to come…


Great job :slight_smile:
I can see you have put a lot of effort into this.

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