Service error loginservices_internalServer

@mm_loginservices_InternalServerErrorException ok this came up after a total of 3 hours waiting in line for start position. First I had about 180 got to 80 then received a login failed message and return to queue at 147 then got down to below 80 and again stopped with the above error and now in queue at 47 and waiting for 15min with no lowering of the position still at 47.


We are sorry about this. We have filed a report and let devs know about server issues and waiting times.
We are currently working on fixing this and would like to thank for your feedback.

Hope you have a great one!

Just got this exact error on EU, luckily waiting for a bit has returned me to my place in the queue, which is 2111. I’ve spent 5h in the queue right now. This is not the right way to treat your customers

Today starting and WOW I am at 42 in queue and 9 min for the first drop in place down to 31 Yippie now just have to wait a bit longer and maybe the game will start for me.

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