Set Minimum Prices on Auction House & Add Vendors . The Economy dies

What the tittle says .


And even if you do on a 2k slot server in a game where everyone can craft and gather everything. And where items dont get worthless over time like lose gearscore per repair get stolen in pvp all loot or any other way. Somewhere soon comes the point that no one will buy anything anymore. Thats also the reason for the low prices why should i buy your hatched for 300 when i can gather mats for 10 hatcheds in 30 min.


That’s not how economy works. And there is a ‘vendor’, it’s called salvaging.

The problem is the drop rates are too damn high.

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The problem is much bigger and deeper than something as surface related as drop rates. The only way a “HEALTHY” Economy works is “This for That”. When you have every player able to do every profession to the max then what you wind up with is a whole lotta people and every one of them is a plumber trying to sell their plumbing services to everyone else who are already plumbers doing their own plumbing services.


Specialized jobs would’ve been nice, but won’t solve the underlying problem.

The reason why silver, gold, platinum etc. has 0 value is because you need only a fraction of it, but it drops at the same rate as iron does. Having less plumbers won’t change that fact. Do you think armor/weapon smithing will be fixed by having less armor/weapon crafters? They are not even the problem, it’s the drop rates.

I say it again, the drop rates are too damn high. Everything else is secondary.

Okay… let’s say they fix drop rates and it’s rare to get good drops. Your still left with the problem of a saturated market with the exact same mats and goods because everyone can farm and craft them. Economy is still screwed.

The limiting factor would be time. You can’t do all jobs unless you start buying from the trade market (meaning spending money to gatherers).

I assume we have a specialized market right now, and it’s crashing down. Do you think everyone can make T4+ bags, T4+ tools, T4+ gems, T4+ jewelry right now? Because I can only make T4 gems, and nothing else.

Don’t tell me you are using your own crafted bags, tools, gems, storage chests? Because I have bought mine all off the market.

EDIT: And yes, you can’t fix the market completely as long as people are willing to take a loss to level their craft skills. And that is what people are doing right now.

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I play in a company so why should I even start more then one craft at a time? That’s not the issue here because everything is widely available.

The issue is the player driven market this leads to the issue are the players what leads to the issues are players who know their way arround and make everything available and on top of it there are botters and goldsellers.
Sure NW economy approach would only work out in a perfect world but we’ll never have such a world.

FF14 has every player able to do every profession and job ( class) on one character and they do just fine. However there are 10’s of thousands of people on one server and you get gold from vendoring items and every kill. The gold makes it possible for people who don’t want to craft to simply kill and quest and then buy what they want. The lack of merchants and coin drops in the game is the big issue. Take 90% of supply/provision crates out, place the items on vendors, add coin drop to every kill and allow drops gear to be sold to vendors. Take out repair parts from salvaging and make craftable repair kits the only repair option. This will let the crafters craft and the people who don’t want to craft simply pay for their items.

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So my take on the economy is just a simple look at supply vs demand of the end product, in this case that means the items you craft. Not the fully refined mats, or consumables, but actual armor, jewlery, tools, bags, and weapons. The Final Product of that iron you mine and rawhide you skin. The supply is absolutely obscenely enormous.

Earlier today I made something like 60 leather chest peices. Not one of them if sold on the trading post would have made a fraction of the raw mats that went into it. Not even the blue tier 4 with full dex and a poision arrow perk and gem slot, as close to perfect of a roll for a bowman imaginable.

Crafters are making thousands of pieces of gear every day and questors are finding almost as many from mobs and chests. And none of it HAS to leave.

They changed the way gear leaves circulation in this game to follow the footateps of other mmos but did not tough the system in which gear enters it from the open world pvp systems the game started as.

Oversaturation will kill any real economy inside a month. Why buy a new bag when the perfect one I got the day I hit 60 will never leave me?

TBH I never played FF14. Think I only played FF when it was on Playstation 1 for like maybe 10 minutes. I know what a chocobo is… leave it at that lol. So I have no idea what FF14 economy is like or what it’s build upon. All I know is what is objectively true in the world around us. People excel at certain things and they sell that labor for profit. It’s simple and it’s fair (most of the time). Now I agree that if they limit that supply/provision crates that can have a major impact on the economy and could help balance it out… “OR”… it just opens the door wider for Botting and RMT. Either way we’re at a lose/lose situation

sadly :frowning:

Change gear drop from mobs for gold, reduce gear durability after each repair, increase materials needed for crafting. If there’s too many products is because is too easy for people to make them. I’d even put durability on trophies and chests.

The best solution is to make the quests provide only gold and make the items need to be repaired with repair kits made with resources needed in the tier. The problem is that players are not encouraged to create specific products such as weapons with specific perks or rare for profession leveling. It just needs to spam the same basic items thousands of times. On the market the player literally sells tens, hundreds, thousands of items of the same type at the same time because he crafted them for leveling. In other words, inflation is being created by over-manufacturing repeated items.
There should be a greater reward for players to create different and more complex items that are harder to craft. A quest system to encourage the player to create complex or more specific items would be perfect. For example, a quest to create an Iron Hammer with strength perk and a gem slot.
Of course the perks would have to have specific locations for drops and there would be items to slot weapons into.

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