Set of armors lost after 1.1 upgrade

Character name: colon
Server: Lerna (AP)

tier 5 harvester set dyed in green is lost after “Into the Void” upgraded

  • glove
  • hat
  • shirt
  • pants
  • shoes

Please, I want them back. Spent a lot of money buying them and get them dyed in stupid green.

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same here, my harvester gloves 580+ transmuted to miner gloves 400, WTF???

I can’t be the only one.


u r not, checl forum topics

Please check the dev tracker or literally anywhere else on the forums before posting this for the enth time.

Hello Support!

I also saw my character naked when logging in after the latest update. I bought a full 5-piece Tier 5 Harvester Light Armor set this morning, and now it’s gone.

Another strange thing I noticed is that also my PvE shield (a Tier 4 Kite Shield) is also gone.

I am wondering if there are more items missing now?

This is really, really sad and so extremely disappointing!

Character Name: KAZDUN
World: Bifrost
Region: EU Central

Please check literally anywhere else on the forums before posting your comment. A comment like your is everywhere.

Yes its everywhere because these are all the same posts.

Correct, and a comment like your help nothing. But whining.

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