Settings not saved when user directory contains accentuated characters

Each time I start the game I have to redo the settings. They are not saved. Am I the only one with this issue ?


I have the same issue! Checked permissions, running in administrator mode, nothing helps :frowning:

Do you have special characters in your windows user directory path ? (such as accentuated characters)

I do, yes!

yeah same problem, also have special characters, and changing that thing is a major pain in the ass.

Same issue here and special characters in my username.
Any fix to this ?

i’m guessing change the user account name, but that as far as i know amounts to a messing around on the regedit and such, just suck it up and hope they notice this post


Changing the user directory is quite painful. I have a trick that works. It is based on symbolic link.

In your users directory, you can see your “good’” directory. For me it is Frédéric. If you already started new world at least once, you should have an other directory with strange characters replacing the accentuated characters. For me it is Fr餩ric. It contains a subdirectory appData/AGS/.

Run the command prompt as administrator, go in your users directory, copy the name of the bad directory (for me Fr餩ric). After the copy, delete this directory (using the file explorer for instance). Don’t worry, the content will be recreated when you launch new world. Once the directory has been removed, in the command prompt you can create what is called soft symbolic link using the command:

mklink /D bad_directory_name good_directory_name.

For me it is:

mklink /D Fr餩ric Frédéric

In my Users directory, if I check with file explorer, I have now two directories. The one with the arrow is the symbolic link.


Then when new world is launched, it will used this link to save the data. This trick will work even if amazon fixes this bug.

More on symbolic link here: or mklink | Microsoft Docs for the official doc.

I have the same issue, but no second user folder with strange characters replacing. I only see my main user folder. Any idea how to work around this?

Hmm… no sorry :frowning: If you check in you user directory: appData/Roaming/ do you have an AGS/New World directory ? This is where the settings are saved.

Hello Adventurers

Im sorry for the issue you currently have. Thank you for the feedback provided. Please use the in game feedback option as well in order to report it directly to our Developer team, so they can check on the issue directly.

Thank you so much for your patience and helping us during this Beta Test!

I have no AGS folder under AppData/Roaming/