Settlement storage full when using auction house - I have plenty of storage in same settlement



Me too …


I verified my files and picked up and replaced all storage boxes in my 3 houses and still couldn’t list items in FL but can list in BS


same here

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Same here

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Appreciate the heads up! This is a current known issue and something the team is looking into. We apologize for the headache it causes!


I got the same… even abonded house and bought new one. Settlement storage full when selling trade post


I have the same issue


I got this error but I was able to go to a different territory and list and buy.

Weaver’s - no house well under limite - can’t sell.
Restless Shore - no house well under limit - can sell.

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SAME, couldnt place items to sell in Mourningdale, but went to Restl;ess SHore and bam, could sell.


Thanks. Couldn’t sell in Windsward, but I took my stuff and went to Restless shore and was able to. Also I could sell in Monarch’s Bluff and First Light.

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same issue here

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same here :confused:

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Same here also

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Hi guys, got the same issue.

It seems that i’m only able to sell in few city but not in most of them.

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i get the same.

  • i restarted 3 times. one of the restarts i hit another bug of the chat not working too. :frowning:
    (i connect via gforcenow hosting service)
  • i tried from a town i didnt have a house and was able to place items on the AH.
  • i replaced all my chests and trophies and still have the same for that town,
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I found one solution
-set your settlement storage in any city you want to list items in AH to 0/xxxx weight (zero weight)
-need pick your item to sell in inventory (because need zero weight in settlement storage)
-have fun?

You only list items if have zero weight in settlement storage

Sorry for a bad english but is not my native language .

This is very frustrating …

Can confirm that this works!

Given the 3 new storages in Brimstone, I moved everything from my main trading hub (highest Rep, always used trading tax reduction token), up to Brimstone.

With 0 weight in that town I went from “settlement storage full” to the ability to buy and sell.

After patch, game isn’t counting your house chests for calculating your storage limit, ignoring them in code.

So, lower your unique item numbers and total weight under the default limit of the town. (Without your furniture chests).

I sloved problem like this.