Settlement Wars are actually NOT what players want

Players are fatigued by constant defensive War. Players are even asking for “war holidays” now Allow companies to set war holidays - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums if for no other reason than IRL situations like Christmas holidays.

Early during launch when population was high, we got complaints about wars being too frequent, e.g., Too many wars please fix

So the devs put a throttle on it to make wars only once every 2 days. But now that server merges have gone through and populations are for the moment high again, the same complaints are coming back, e.g.

What we are seeing is that players want to hold Settlements but don’t actually want the PvP that goes with it. They may want to PvP, but really they only want to do it on their terms – when it’s convenient (e.g., something you queue for) or once in a while. Too much too often is boring and exhausting.

As the invader you don’t experience any of this exhaustion because you are not the single Company that has to fend off everyone all the time. You get to do faction PvP quests solo or in small groups instead of having to wrangle your entire company to show up at once. You don’t get to War every two days because you need to be the Company that successfully declares War. Missed it this time? Oh well, just go back to PvP at your leisure.

Most importantly: Your time is now dictated by someone else.

Only once you are holding a Settlement and targeted by every other Company do you see this and realize what a chore it is to hold a Settlement, having to fight Wars every two days, on top of Invasions in between. And you can’t trust anyone on your roster for these because you know everyone wants to take your Settlement so they might sabotage you or get someone in your own faction to sabotage you.

Settlement Control and Wars are really a failed mechanic and all player influence should be removed from Settlements. Make Wars just another type of instanced PvP where people can sign up. That would also completely bypass the issue of governors kicking people from War rosters.

And realistically, the whole server will also get tired of wars because they want and need stable settlements with good upgrades. Eventually wars will settle down in the merged servers because people just get tired of trying to take settlements or trying to hold settlements, and just want stability – just like the real world.
New players will do the common sense thing and just pick the faction holding the most territory because it has the most long-term stability. Plus now they can exploit it to get the Luck bonus for being flagged when “everyone else” is also the same faction and can’t attack you anyway while you are flagged.

But once a server reaches stability, especially if it’s due to one faction mostly dominant, then people start complaining about “not enough PvP” in the overland and think the answer is more and more incentives that exploiters can exploit without actually PvPing.


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You are nuts. Everything you said is literally the opposite of the intentions of the game. It is a player run city and the point is…. If you are not invested with a team who is invested and others are more invested then you deserve to lose.

If random people could sign up people would just throw territories which is why a company picks people to fight.

It’s a competitive game. It’s not a single player game or a team building as a whole. You literally are pit against two other factions at war any time. That’s the draw of the game. The real problem with Wars is if one group has 300 bad people and another has 100 great people it’s hard to declare since they can defend with just more people.

my company earns million+ gold a week cause i won EF or WW and peopel keep[ attacking me o noes i wonder why they also want EF or WW gasp :stuck_out_tongue:

thats another of the failed mechanics. they should cap how many houses can be sold per town to spread the wealth a bit more evenly across the server, inevitably you end up with one or two towns completely flush with gold, hence providing the controlling company with all the members they ever want to recruit and all the players to fight any war they want to use all that excess gold to declare. ww and everfall on every server ive visited are the only two towns on average that never have to fight to upgrade and usually are owned by the two most geared hardcore crews. so the game is boiling down to those two cities and if you dont have 18 hours a day to dedicate to the game, you will never experience all the game has to offer.

i agree with most of what original poster said. or the dividing of full on open world pvp servers and more limited pvp pve formatted servers. and before you say no that wont work… several mmos in the past made it work to the tune of billions in profits. its a proven business model to hold both groups attention. but they will do what they will do and for a game with unlimited potential, to focus on delving the servers into constant chaos? wave goodbye to a ton of players and a ton of cash. thats just my opinon and you can feel free to discuss or to flame it as per your choice. but know if youre just going to be insulting you will be flagged, you will be ignored, and used as an example of the toxicity that the server merges have brought to servers all across the list.

Is he from Morrow? :slight_smile:

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